Monetize your music with audio and video publishing.

At MarvMent we make publishing easy by providing express distribution to the largest audio and video music platforms in the world.

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Automated publishing

Publish your music videos on multiple platforms all at once with 24/7 Automated publishing

Monthly royalty payments

Start earning and collect monthly royalty payments quickly

Real-time analytics

Access real-time analytics to see how your content is performing

Free signup on BookingBravo

Free signup on BookingBravo (Artist booking company for our sister platform)

Take your music and videos global & earn cash.

We connect your music videos globally by quickly publishing your content to VEVO + Spotify, two of the world's largest all-premium music platforms.

Where to watch VEVO:

Samsung TV plus
Amazon Fire TV
Amazon Echo
Sky Q
Now TV

How it works

Our primary function is publishing to Spotify and VEVO. Through our proprietary platform and partnership, we publish your music videos across channels and help maximize its visibility while monetizing your content.

Request a VEVO channel
Request a VEVO channel

A VEVO channel is a VEVO owned YouTube account. VEVO is the leading all premium music video and entertainment platform. VEVO is an official YouTube partner and has their own monetization arrangements with YouTube. Uploading your music videos to your custom VEVO artist channel will ensure that some of those monetization benefits are passed to you.

Upload your music video
Upload your music video

Upload your music/audio video through the MarvMent dashboard. We have recently deployed our new content management system which facilitates quick and easy uploads. Simply follow the wizard which walks you through the steps of metadata entry, image selection and content submission.

Video publishing
Video publishing

Your music video and metadata is uploaded to VEVO who handles further publication and monetization on YouTube. In cases where requested , we’ll also publish your video to the iTunes music video store. VEVO has recently deprecated their own and operated platforms however, we continue to explore ways to work with additional platforms to further expand access to VEVO’s content.

Monthly royalty payments
Monthly royalty payments

Every video published through MarvMent is monetized. Monthly royalty payments are calculated from an aggregate of all ads served on your content each month. MarvMent will send you monthly payments deposited directly to your bank account providing that your account balance exceeds $100 and we have received such funds from our publishing partners.

Do you need publishing everywhere?

At MarvMent we keep publishing simplified, providing you fast publishing to the largest audio and video music platform in the world. This is where you will receive maximum revenue and why we only publish to VEVO and Spotify.

Don't be fooled by the plethora of other publishing platforms. Don't spend a ton of money trying to get on all the various publishing platforms. All you really need is VEVO and Spotify.


Spotify is the largest subscription music streaming service with 96 million subscribers and 170 million users overall.


The world's largest all-premium music video provider, offering artists a global platform with enormous scale through its distribution partners.


MarvMent is partnering with BookingBravo

Are you an artist looking to connect with your audience and increase your bookings? Would you like to reduce your dependency on your booking agent? Do you face challenges organizing your upcoming bookings?

BookingBravo was developed as a solution to these challenges. BookingBravo is a talent booking platform that seeks to allow talent to generate more bookings in niche markets and connect more easily with their target audience and vice versa while also streamlining the booking process. Watch the BookingBravo introductory video here.